Cohousing: The sharing economy for housing, explained in an infographic

© Towergate Insurance

Cohousing has been described by TreeHugger Meaghan as "a type of collaborative in which people eschew the alienation of typical subdivisions in favor of true community lifestyles. In some ways, they hark back to the ideas of a kibbutz, a co-op, or commune, but in a more modern, Euro-style, not-so-hippy way." It's a wonderful model for development, particularly if you are fond of sitting on committees and going to meetings.

It is sometimes hard to explain, but this infographic sent to us by a British insurance company, Towergate, does a really good job. I am usually not a fan of infographics, especially when I want to check sources; the hyperlink is one of the greatest things about the web and most infographics do not have live links. This one does, as well as great animation, none of which I can get to run on TreeHugger. So here is a link to the fancy version and I reproduce a static one below.

See some interesting examples in TreeHugger, way way down at the bottom in our Related Links.

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