Prefab Cocoon Tree is a spherical pod for tree lovers

Cocoon Tree
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While the fantasy of living in a treehouse may conjure up images of an idyllic lifestyle in the forest, not everyone is necessarily going to want to build their own shelter. For the more laid-back (but not "lazy"), tree-loving adventurers amongst us, there's a plethora of pre-fabricated treehouse options out there, such as the Cocoon Tree, a lightweight spherical frame that is suspended from the trees and can be powered by sun and wind.

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Created by French designer Berni Du Payrat, the Cocoon Tree weighs a mere 130 pounds, thanks to a frame made out of aluminum, which can hold up to one ton. The frame is hung from the trees from 12 points using a system of suspension wires, and safety nets can be put in place as well to provide access or as an extra safety precaution.

Cocoon Tree© Cocoon Tree

The pod is sheltered from the elements with a waterproof skin that completely envelops the structure, and is equipped with mosquito nets for the openings that block pests from entering the interior. The inside can be cooled with a solar- or wind-powered fan.

One of the Cocoon Tree's advantages is its ease of assembly: it would take two people only two hours to set it up, though the company does offer assembly services by a team of professional climbers to show you the ropes, literally.

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In contrast to other tree pods we've seen, the Cocoon Tree is more of a tree bed, as it comes with a custom-made round bed of 2.4 meters (7.8 feet) in diameter, perfect for intimate snuggling.

Cocoon Tree© Cocoon Tree

Whether they are hung from trees, placed on a ground platform or floating on water (but attached to a fixed pole), the pod is meant to be a versatile and comfortable structure. The company also offers other beach-bound and bamboo-like versions of the Cocoon, with the Cocoon Beach starting at USD $5,000 and the Cocoon Tree at USD $8,000. Check out Cocoon Trees for more info.

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