Clip-on Apartment Purifies Waste Water, Generates Its Own Energy

Buildings consume more than 40% of America's energy and create a huge amount of waste. Many of them need "reskinning", replacing their single glazed rotting facades. In Evolo, Thai architects Achawin Laohavichairat, Montakan Manosong, and Peerapon Karunwiwat have submitted an interesting idea: clip-on modular dwelling units that stick on to existing buildings like barnacles and feed off their waste.

In essence a mechanism for living, breathing, producing energy, reusing the waste products, and recycling the waste products those are come from the existing building.

It is sort of a constructed wetland on the surface of each pod, with plants absorbing the nutrients from the waste materials and filtering them. Given the amount of waste generated by a building vs the surface provided for plants on each pod, I suspect that this is more of a vision than a reality.

But it is a clever vision, that shows how one might turn the skin of a building into more useful space, a source of electric power from the photovoltaics, and putting plants to work.

BedroomAchawin Laohavichairat, Montakan Manosong, and Peerapon karunwiwat /via

Looks like a fun place to live, too, with a bed right out of an old Dean Martin/ Matt Helm movie.

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