Clercdesign's Expanding Planter: Graine de Pot


Combining our old favorite "less is more" ideal with watching the miracle of photosynthesis from the comfort of your patio, clercdesign's "Graine de pot" goes from carrying a disk home from the store (above at left) to growing pumpkins and other large gourds (or any number of annuals, like at right) in a few quick steps. The pot, which is made of compostable bioplastic, is filled with "compressed and dried soil" and wrapped up in a handy little package. Take it home, give it some water and love, and, before planting, the soil "grows" and expands into a more traditional, pot-like form. Add a seed, give it some sun and maybe talk to it a bit, and out sprouts whatever you've planted. When the annual's term is up, the pot can be added to your compost and you can look forward to doing it again next year. While a biodegradable planter might seem a bit odd, we've seen this kind of thing before; "Graine de pot" is designed to last for nine months (plant in the spring, grow it all summer, enjoy into the fall) before being cycled into the compost bin. Check out clercdesign's site to see the full cycle in 14 quick frames of animation. Happy potting! ::clercdesign's Graine de pot

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