City Takes "Green Cleaning" Pledge


Via the Racine Wisconsin Journal Times:- "Community leaders launched a environmentally friendly cleaning campaign called Green Racine during a press conference Thursday at Memorial Hall. Representatives from more than 20 local institutions - including city and county government, public and private schools, businesses, churches and non-profits - signed a pledge to reduce the impact of facilities on the environment and people's health by switching to green-cleaning products and processes...The Green Racine program will track annually how many trees were saved, reductions in waste sent to landfills and in greenhouse gas put into the atmosphere as a result of the green initiative..." Because Racine Wisconsin is also the city where S.C. Johnson is headquartered they're not talking about the Pledge brand here...just to be clear. On the other hand, over at the SC Johnson website, there are indications that green cleaning has their attention in a broader sense.