Citilog - Certified Urban Forestry

Back in March, Meaghan O'Neill, (the original TH writer) posted a story on the II KH eco store in New York. We have since been informed that the shelving found within, is from timbers supplied by Citilog. They have a fascinating business. Citilog not only salvage potentially useful timber, that might be heading for a woodchipper or firewood pile, but they undertake urban logging too. They can either remove 'downed' trees or log them outright. Rather than damage private property, and natural habitat, they extend their ecological principles to the point of avoiding heavy machinery. Instead utilising the skills of Buck and Bill, shown here, to extract felled logs with minimal impact. Certified under the Rainforest Alliance's SmartWood Rediscovered program, they guarantee their wood to be ...... "from sustainable sources and all wood products are made utilizing environmentally-friendly methods and products." It's known as FSC category B neutral, and follows LEED guidelines. Citiwood can also add value to the timber as well. "Local Amish craftsmen use their skills to create the highest quality in cabinetry and millwork — doors, flooring, cabinets, and furniture (made with nontoxic glues and finishes). Nothing goes to waste." Not only did they supply the II KH store, but also the William McDonough and Partners designed Woods Hole Research Center, and we know C2C Bill has pretty demanding standards. ::Citilog