Circus Wagons Reinvented as High-Class B&Bs

bohemian wagon photoFair Companies/Video screen capture

When I posted a video of a tiny house with no electricity or running water, one commenter rather disparagingly referred to it as "camping". There may be some truth to that. While there are an increasing number of people who seek such small dwellings out, not as temporary retreats, but as permanent homes, many more are being introduced to tiny houses as cabins, retreats or home offices.

That in itself can be a valuable lesson in learning to appreciate simplicity, smallness and freedom from stuff.

bohemian wagon photoFair Companies/Video screen capture

This video (also from the fabulous Fair Companies of course...) takes a look at the trendy revival of circus wagons, gypsy caravans and other traditional mobile homes in Europe. Looking at a thoroughly modern, reworking of the traditional concept, we get a sense of how a very small space can feel airy and elegant. It's a little overly nostalgic/romantic for my tastes, but it sure looks peaceful.

They can, apparently, be rented in 80 locations across France for about 70 to 95 euros per night, or bought for 33,900 euros—although the price of purchase also includes help marketing them as a B&B. These are clearly for some high-end circus laborers...

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