Celebrate Underground America Day by remembering Malcolm Wells

Celebrate UA day
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Malcolm Wells was a brilliant, if under-appreciated architect who designed earth-sheltered homes and buildings. (Read his obituary here) He wrote:

We live in an era of glitzy buildings and trophy houses: big, ugly, show-off monsters that stand--or I should say stomp--on land stripped bare by the construction work and replanted with toxic green lawns. If the buildings could talk they would be speechless with embarrassment, but most of us see nothing wrong with them, and would, given the opportunity, build others like them, for few of us realize that there's a gentler way to build.

But he also had a sense of humor, and declared a holiday to celebrate all those who have chosen that gentler way to build and live.

I woke up one day to the fact that the Earth's surface was made for living plants, not industrial plants.

On May 14th each year hundreds of millions of people all across this great land will do absolutely nothing about the national holiday I declared in 1974, and that's just the way it should be. It's a holiday free of holiday obligations.

You don't even have to lose a day of work. But if you're the partying type, here are some of the ways in which you can observe the big day.:

Celebrate Underground America Day by remembering Malcolm Wells
It's a fake holiday celebrating those who live in green, self sufficient earth sheltered homes.

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