Caravisio trailer shows where the industry is going: Bigger, heavier and luxe

Caravisio rear
© Gizmag

Trailers, or caravans as they are called in Europe, are fascinating demonstrations of how you can pack a whole lot of living into very small spaces. Unfortunately, it appears that people are losing interest in trailer camping. According to Knaus Tabbert,

Registration figures for caravans in Europe have been declining for years. The caravaning industry therefore must offer new concepts for the market to raise interest for camping as a form of holidaymaking especially among target groups outside the industry. There have been repeated efforts to achieve this, but so far these efforts have been without any resounding success. The manufacturer Knaus Tabbert GmbH for this reason has started the "Caravisio – The Caravan of the Future" project as an approach to this problem, to provide own answers, and to provoke thought. Caravisio is a technology demonstrator that should show already today what may be technologically possible in the future.

Alas, the direction they are going is very fancy, very high end and expensive, very yacht-like. Gizmag caught photos of it at the big caravanning trade show in Dusseldorf, with all its decks and teak and leather and even a wine cooler.

However there are some interesting design lessons here; see more of Gizmag's photos here and in a slideshow of images from Knaus Tabber here.

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