Café Kengo Kuma Looks like it was built from Jenga Blocks

This new restaurant by Kengo Kuma reminds me of those Jenga Blocks my son loved to play with, but I suspect that this is built a little more solidly.

Designboom writes:

Encompassed with a meadow, the 197 square meter restaurant appears to minimally touch the ground. The internal dining space is contained within a glass enclosed box and the exterior is wrapped with interlocking lengths of timber. Placed perpendicular to each other in a grid-like arrangement, the structure appears visually inverted with continuous layers at the roof line and compact footprints for supports connecting to the foundations.

I cannot see any fasteners, but I am pretty certain that there are some hidden away in there. I have always admired Kengo's use of materials like wood and bamboo; the architect has written:

Sushi is a good metaphor for my architecture. The importance in sushi is to choose the best material from the place, in season. 'If the journey of the ingredients is too long, the taste of the sushi is compromised. That is a problem that can't be solved by modern technology, and that programme of using local material in season is the secret of good taste, and the secret of my style.

Images courtesy of Kengo Kuma and Associates, found on Contemporist and Designboom

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Café Kengo Kuma Looks like it was built from Jenga Blocks
A lovely place, but I hope it is stronger than the ones my kids built

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