Buy Your Own (Official) Hobbit Hole

hobbit hole 1 photoFair Companies/Screen capture

From an 8ft round subterranean dwelling to a psychedelic playhouse for the kids, it's common to compare tiny houses to hobbit holes—the mini homes inhabited by Frodo, Bilbo and the like.

hobbit hole 3 photoFair Companies/Video screen capture
But Wooden Wonders, a maker of tiny houses, sheds and other structures, is making actual hobbit holes (well, as close as you can get without access to an actual hobbit). They have even obtained a license to market them as such from Middle-earth Enterprises.

hobbit hole 2 photoFair Companies/Screen capture

As this video from Fair Companies explains, most Wooden Wonders structures are being used for sheds, guest houses, chicken coops or studios. Nobody is yet living in one of these structures year-round. But they are a handy reminder to us all that compelling, comfortable spaces can come in very tiny packages. And who knows, maybe folks interested in the tiny house movement might find these the perfect entry point into the world of teeny tiny living.

Buy Your Own (Official) Hobbit Hole
A small family business is selling replicas/interpretations of the homes made famous by J.R.R. Tolkien.

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