Building the Green Roof

green roof house.jpg
Green roofs: they’re not just for hobbits anymore. In fact, they’re beginning to make to their way across the Atlantic from Europe, and one of the places that could use them most is the East Coast... That’s because planted roofs—usually made up of hardy, succulent sedums--can absorb storm water, helping to relieve our backed up storm pipes and drains, since loads of impervious surfaces—parking lots, driveways, etc—don’t really help. Additionally, eco-roofs can help reduce greenhouse gases and act as insulators for buildings, making them more energy efficient. They also last about three times as long as traditional roofs. But just how far away from reality are these green roofs? Well, Ford implemented one at its newly renovated HQ, Chicago’s City Hall has one, and we may even see a few soon in Washington, D.C. Via ::Land+Living ::MSNBC
ford roof.jpg

Workers install green roof parts at the Ford Motor Company headquarters.

green roof plants.jpg

Succulent plants