Building Stuff Out of Fluff

Well, its not the most glamourous of products, but Composite Products of America is doing what few of done: they are building consumer products out of unsorted garbage. The material they produce is called Fluff® — their name for the extruded, 100% recycled material. They say "Fluff is a stable and pathogen free product that has been processed through our patented recycling process." Fluff is being used as a substrate by many nurseries and greenhouses with reportedly good results. Fluff can also be extruded to make products such as landscape timbers and park benches.Here's a breakdown of how Fluff is produced. The unsorted garbage is placed on a conveyor system that takes it through a series of shredders and a 300-plus-degree pressure cooker that serves as a sanitation step. Recyclable metals are weeded out by the system, and these materials are sold to metal recyclers. By the time the garbage emerges from the other end of the process about 30 minutes after entering it, it bears no resemblance to its former self. In fact, it looks more like the name the company has given it — Fluff®.

:: Composite Products of America

Thanks to Justin Anthony and Worldchanging for the lead.

[by Justin Thomas]