Building Up To The London Olympics: A Roundup Of Our Coverage So Far

TreeHugger Bonnie lives in London and has been covering the 2012 olympics since our pictures were teensy, but she has watched the twists and turns, and visited a few of the venues already. Here's a roundup of some our coverage to date:

A Visit to London's Inspiring Olympic Velodrome

London's new Olympic Velodrome has been one of the most talked about and lauded of all the new buildings. Having visited it we can attest: it's definitely got the wow! factor. With its curvy and sinuously shaped form and wood-panelled exterior, it has an honesty and clarity of intention. More in TreeHugger
A Visit to the Breathtaking Olympic Aquatics Centre Bonnie Alter/CC BY 2.0

A Visit to the Breathtaking Olympic Aquatics Centre by Zaha Hadid

The Olympic Aquatics Centre, designed by architect Zaha Hadid, is the big one: the most expensive building on the site and surely the most controversial. More in TreeHugger

basket ball photo

Future of London's Olympic Buildings After the Games isn't Assured

London's successful bid for the Olympic 2012 Games was based on its commitment to a sustainable legacy: maintaining and reusing the buildings for athletic and community use after the big event. Happily, sanity has prevailed and the massive Olympic Stadium which was under threat of demolition will now be retained as a football (soccer) stadium. But what about the future of some of the other buildings? More in TreeHugger

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London's 2012 Olympic Torch Isn't Green Enough

The Olympic Torch is such an important symbol of the games. Passed from hand to hand by 8,000 torch bearers, it is an inspirational emblem for the host country.

London's Games organisers had hoped that theirs would be carbon-neutral, as an extra green and environmental gesture. But that has proved impossible to design. Where are all those clever kids when you need them? More in TreeHugger

food olympics

Unofficial Posters for London's 2012 Olympics Might Be Better than the Real

London's 2012 Olympic posters have been released and they are beautiful. But there are unofficial posters that don't take themselves quite so seriously.

These whimsical posters by the marketing and design company, with Relish, use unexpected but everyday objects to form the Olympic rings. More in TreeHugger

bmw water bottleBMW/Promo image

BMW Shows "Deep Commitment to Sustainability" With Pavilion for London Olympics

It is a nice looking building, housing some very nice cars. I just wish people would stop calling everything sustainable. It's not. We want the word back. More in TreeHugger

a visit to London's olympic velodromeBonnie Alter/CC BY 2.0

First London Olympics Gold Medal Should Go to the Velodrome

The Gold Medal for first to finish, greenest, and most beautiful building has to go to the Velodrome, designed by Hopkins Architects. Take a peek. More in TreHugger

Building Up To The London Olympics: A Roundup Of Our Coverage So Far
TreeHugger's London correspondent has been on the case since 2007; We look back

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