Building DIY Multifunctional Small Green Roofs

diy green roof photo© Permaculture Magazine

Is this the coolest looking firewood store ever? The skylines of Paris aren't the only place where green roofs are taking off.

I've posted before on Tim Green and Rebecca Hosking's efforts to restore soil on their old family farm; to rediscover the art of sheepdog herding; and to plan for a farming future beyond peak oil. In fact the former film-makers turned farmers have even created a permaculture classic documentary on their "Farm for the Future".

In an ongoing series of posts from Tim and Rebecca, Permaculture Magazine has been exploring the practicalities of transforming a traditional farm to more sustainable methods. The latest installment features a fascinating account of how Tim has been populating the farm with small-scale green roofs. From a carefully planned-out dog shed with cooling green roof to this haphazard log storage unit with a habitat for fungi and bugs above it, he's experimented with some great low-tech green roofing techniques. Want to try it? Head on over to Permaculture Magazine to learn more.

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