BMW Shows "Deep Commitment to Sustainability" With Pavilion for London Olympics

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According to a press release,

BMW selected the British firm Serie based on its cutting-edge design that will represent a significant architectural addition to the Olympic Park, whilst also reflecting the company’s deep commitment to sustainability.

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The 8,000 square foot glorified car showroom is built from steel with high recycled content, as is most of the structural steel sold in Britain, and minimizes the use of carbon intensive concrete, because it is made of steel. Oh, and it is "sustainably cooled" with river water that is dumped back into the river "via an eye-catching ‘water curtain’ feature." It has cars on the roof and " interactive visitor exhibits, articulating BMW’s vision for sustainable mobility " below.

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It raises so many questions. Why is pumping water through a heat pump called "sustainable cooling" when they are essentially in a park and could just open the windows and catch a breeze. Why is a sustainable car not like organic tobacco, a contradiction in terms. Why did the artist put a big honking water bottle in the hands of the observer in the foreground.

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It is a nice looking building, housing some very nice cars. I just wish people would stop calling everything sustainable. It's not. We want the word back.

BMW Shows "Deep Commitment to Sustainability" With Pavilion for London Olympics
One more example of how words can become completely meaningless and even contradictory.

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