Bird-Electron EZ-TAKEGTF2: Electricity-Free, Portable Bamboo Speaker


If you're looking for grid-free amplification for your MP3 Player, you can now use your solar backpack or your bamboo speaker. Added benefit: no need to camouflage plastic ugliness if bamboo happens to work with your decor. From exporter AudioCubes:

Utilizing the natural resonance of bamboo, this Japanese engineered speaker not only projects quality sound but also is an stylish interior design deco. The TAKEGTF2 model uses a special Japanese SuSu bamboo which is smoked and aged for close to 100 years, and hand selected and crafted to meet Bird-Electron's standard. Unit can be used with any audio device through its stereo-mini plug. No power source needed.

No word on exactly what the treatment process means or how/where the stuff is harvested. What can't be done with bamboo? $199. :: Via Mobile Magazine