Bio-Glass: Finally, a Real Use for Recycled Glass


Droning on about Bill McDonough, we use glass as an example of his point about recycling vs downcycling vs upcycling; we go to the trouble of taking it to the curb for pickup, then they throw it in the truck and it is basically useless, as all of the different colours of glass get mixed together. In the end most is ground up and added to asphalt for paving. Now, those clever people at Coverings Etc, (talked about here before) have created Bio-Glass, slabs of 4' x 9' by 3/4" of 100% recycled glass. It can be used for countertops, flooring and accent walls, and will soon come in tiles. Of course the white is made from post industrial waste because they can control the source and ensure it does not get contaminated, but what we really like is the coloured stuff that is made from post-consumer waste. The dark glasses will be up to 100% post consumer. In a perfect world this stuff should be cheap as dirt ground glass but of course it will not be as it is a designer item made in small quantities, but perhaps some day...Not yet online at .::Coverings etc.

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