Bill McDonough Likes Green Sandwich

Its not his lunch, it is a building system. Says Bill: “I have searched a long time to find a structural building product like Green Sandwich’s system, which is both environmentally friendly and extremely durable. [It is] the first structural building system that is able to meet the Cradle to Cradle design protocol". The sandwich panels are light, recyclable, great energy-savers, and use less water than typical concrete or stucco systems. A super Green Sandwich Bio Panel uses a core made of biomass like rice straw and can be covered in Earthskin, a mix of 80% earth and concrete.

This space-age, durable product is appropriately made in Roswell, New Mexico and Hurricane, Utah, as well as California and Missouri. Bill Mcdonough likes it enough to have become its environmental advisor.
::Green Sandwich Technologies

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From the Company:

"The Green Sandwich Building System allows architects and designers to create beautiful, environmentally sensitive structures approximately twice as fast as conventional building methods. Our patented structural concrete insulating panels (SCIPs) withstand hurricanes, retard fires, defend against pests and mold, and provide the highest levels of energy efficiency. They do all this while surpassing the strictest environmental codes."
* Green Sandwich panels are made from 40% recycled material content by weight, and 60% by volume. All waste is 100% recyclable.
* Green Sandwich uses BASF's environmentally friendly Styropor EPS foam in its panels.
* The wire mesh is 40% recycled steel (Mostly from the auto industry), and the shotcrete skins are a minimum of 40% fly ash (A byproduct of coal burning).
* Green Sandwich Panels can be fabricated with a core of 100% locally-harvested bio-mass. The source of this bio-mass can include "rapidly renewable" content, such as orchard trimmings, road-side weed growth, straw and stalk mowings.