Better Than Bamboo: Flooring Is Made From Furniture Scraps

eco timber strand poplar flooring image

Bamboo is round and hollow while floors are flat and solid, so to make bamboo floors they cut the stuff up into strips and compress it with resin into solid chunks, that can be sliced into flooring. They make a lot of it in China; they also make a lot of regular furniture and produce a lot of waste. Somebody had the idea of taking that scrap and compressing it into chunks and voila: EcoTimber Strand Poplar Flooring was born.


It's nice looking stuff; I saw it and photographed it badly at the Sustain Store in Huntsville. According to a press release,

It's comprised of 100% post industrial scraps of poplar from the furniture industry that is combined with a proprietary process of resin infusion and high compression. This makes it not only the most environmentally friendly floor on the market but also extremely durable and extraordinarily beautiful.

Some might consider calling it "the most environmentally friendly floor on the market" a bit of an overstatement, but it was declared one of Sustainable Industries Top 10 Green Building Products of 2010. From EcoTimber
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