Berlin Superhome Generates More Energy Than It Consumes

Net Positive Energy House photoFully Charged/Video screen capture

Robert Llewellyn previously explored how car sharing was taking over Berlin. But as with any decent sustainability strategy, car sharing is just one part of the Germans' mission to cut carbon and reduce dependence on fossil fuels.

We've reported countless times on Germany smashing records for renewable energy production, not to mention the remarkably distributed ownership of its renewables infrastructure.

Now Llewellyn takes the Fully Charged show to look at another aspect of Germany's clean energy push—an ultra efficient experimental house that produces more energy than it consumes.

The Effizienzhaus Plus was built as an experiment to see just how efficient housing can get. From massive insulation through extensive solar panels to a 40kWh storage battery and two electric cars on the driveway, this is definitely a vision of the higher tech (and extremely expensive) path to cleaner, greener housing.

Whether every house will look something like this in the near future or not, it takes the bleeding edge experiments to push more mainstream best practice forward too.

Besides which, it's a pretty awesome looking house.

Berlin Superhome Generates More Energy Than It Consumes
Robert Llewellyn visits a massively high-tech experimental home in Berlin. He is duly impressed.

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