Bentley Prince Street Presents Scan and UPC

bps-upcscan.jpgCommercial carpet manufacturer Bentley Prince Street, who we've featured before, have developed a process for creating high-quality commercial carpet from waste yarn. Its two newest products, Scan and UPC, are made from the process they created that re-purposes post-production waste yarn to manufacture broadloom and carpet tile products. Both new products are created from post-production yarn, or "tail outs," the small cone of yarn that is left over at the end of a production run varying in size from several ounces to a number of pounds. By the nature of the re-purpose/recycle process, the end result features an intriguing, unique mix of rich tones, subtle color combinations and intricate textures.

Bentley Prince Street is a part of TreeHugger fav Interface, Inc., a global designer and manufacturer of floor coverings and textiles, mostly for commercial interiors. Many of the company’s products are included in the Environmentally Preferable Product certification by Scientific Certification Systems. ::Bentley Prince Street via ::GreenBiz


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