Beetle Mania Spreads From Canada, Comes To Denver

jiberish store denver pine beetle

Interior Design writes about wood harvested after a pine beetle infestation, with its distinctive blue striping that comes from a fungus that accompanies the beetle. Designer Drew Witmer likes the stuff, and used it in the design of Jiberish, a store in Denver:

"The final product," he notes, "is a fixture that is not only beautiful but also very sustainable. I am making it my mission to promote the use of this resource locally and have several furniture designs in the works."

There is so much of it in Colorado that they have created a website to promote the stuff, with a dreadfully unattractive name, The Beetle Kill Trade Association. Like, that makes the stuff sound attractive. Canadians tried to brand the stuff as Denim Pine, which sounds better but didn't catch on either.


Using this stuff up is a challenge, there is so much of it around. Over a million board-feet went into the spectacular roof of the Richmond Oval, built for next month's Olympics. More on the Richmond Oval in TreeHugger: Time To Grow, Cut and Use More Wood

judson beaumont wood

Judson Beaumont is putting the wood into a tumbler and making blue wooden rocks out the stuff. More at Straight Line Design

Wherever the pine beetle strikes, there is a sudden glut of inventory of wood that has to be harvested before it dies and rots, it is that simple. Let's hope a lot more designers get into it.

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