Beautiful, Tiny Shed Office Uses Clever Tricks to Maximize Space

unpermitted shed office photoFair Companies/Video screen capture

I was pretty stoked that Lloyd included my reclaimed shed office in his slideshow of gorgeous home office sheds, but as I am now moving house—I am once again dreaming of my next creative home working environment.

Fair Companies have already given me a few ideas, from a refrigerated shipping container turned studio office to a beautiful, stealthy shedworking space made from old fences.

This latest video, which introduces us to architect Sarah Deeds' tiny, legal, unpermitted backyard shed office has definitely given me a hefty does of shed envy.

unpermitted shed office desk photoFair Companies/Video screen capture

From the clearstorey passive solar day lighting to the unusual, tapered shape of the structure, there is something quite charming about this small space. And, as usual with tiny houses and shed offices, a careful attention to design creates a lot of utility in a small amount of space. The desk, for example, is deliberately designed to be curved so that clients can sit at the desk with Deeds and go over plans—and there is a thin storage compartment housed within the desk which is sized for full-sizes architectural plans.

The couch too is built from a single, welded steel support and some plywood, thus maximizing the storage space underneath by eliminating the need for upright supports.

All-in-all a very nice shed. I want one.

Beautiful, Tiny Shed Office Uses Clever Tricks to Maximize Space
By carefully designing for usability, natural light and storage, this architect's tiny home office feels much bigger than it actually is.

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