Beautiful tiny cottages crafted from reclaimed materials

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"Most of the tiny houses out there are mini-McMansions"

That's the view of Phoenix, who left her 2,400 square foot home in Maryland for life in one of the Portland Garden Cottages that Lloyd posted about previously. While she welcomes anyone seeking to live smaller, she's concerned that many of the tiny houses out there are selling themselves short—focusing on uniformity and resale value, instead of letting their tiny freak flag fly.

Not so, Phoenix's home.

Crafted largely from reclaimed materials including old tin cans, Trader Joe's grocery bags and the hood of an old cooker, these cottages really are quite breathtaking. And they are a reminder that the tiny house movement offers opportunities to create not just smaller living spaces, but more creative ones too.

As someone who lives in a not tiny house, however, one of my favorite things about the Fair Companies videos - which have previously included everything from tiny Manhattan apartments to a mortgage-free shotgun home—is how they remind all of us, regardless of the size of our home, how much smarter we can be about the use of space and materials.

wine caddy photoFair Companies/Video screen capture

Take this pop up wine caddy pictured above, for example. It's located in the floor of the kitchen. It conveniently holds enough bottles for a very happy get together. And because it folds back into the crawlspace, it keeps wine at a perfect temperature, without the need for a fancy electric wine cooler.

Seems like that kind of trick could be applicable in a house of any size.

Beautiful tiny cottages crafted from reclaimed materials
All tiny houses are fascinating. These ones are beautiful.

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