Beautiful Cable-Suspended Treehouses Use No Floor Support

treehouse birdcage photoFair Companies/Video screen capture

From an ewok village in Oregon to the world's largest treehouse, we've seen plenty of homes that sit high up in the forest. Heck, we've even seen a top airline executive build a tiny, electricity-free home in the trees.

This latest example comes from the Spanish Pyrenees, where Emmanuel Grymonpré has invented what he claims is an entirely new type of treehouse.

treehouse birdcage photoFair Companies/Video screen capture

Rather than build his structures on some sort of platform or floor support, Grymonpré suspends his houses from cables like birdcages to make them feel like they are flying in the trees. The dwellings are also carefully built around the trunk of the tree, and with much consideration given to the experience and view that the visitor will experience.

These are, says Grymonpré, retreats designed to reconnect visitors with nature, and to remind themselves of the intimate relationship we all have with trees from our early childhood onwards.

cable suspended treehouse photoFair Companies/Video screen capture

Besides the stunning location and beautful integration with the trees and forest, Grymonpré's treehouses are entirely electricity and plumbing free. Illumination is by candlelight. Washing is done with a jug and a basin. And you poop in a bucket and cover it in sawdust.

And it all looks magnificently luxuriant, in a simple sort of way. Check out Cabanes Als Arbres for details of how to stay in one of these beautiful structures.

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Beautiful Cable-Suspended Treehouses Use No Floor Support
A resort in the Spanish Pyrenees offers one-of-a-kind treehouses with stunning views and deliberately few amenities.

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