Beautiful Black Teahouse In Czech Republic Uses Traditional Japanese Finishing Technique

Traditional Japanese Chashitsu are special spaces to celebrate the Tea Ceremony; it is odd to see one popping up by the side of a lake in the Czech Republic. Nonetheless, A1 architects have designed a beautiful one. They write:

The inner space of the teahouse could be adjusted by the sliding doors, so there are more levels of perception of nearby landscape. One could enframe his own preferred view as a painting in the interior. There is a daylight play of sunbeams in gilded skylight, when the teahouse is closed. The whole interior is crowned with knitted geometry of cone soffit made out of sisal ropes. The hearth is the central point of the room, from which the space flows to large veranda built with larch planks. The veranda is a unique space for watching the water level and the life beneath.

The Teahouse is carefully designed to become a natural part od the landscape and so the green roof is a fragment of grassy surroundings. The whole house is covered with charred larch facing and so it is called The Black Teahouse.

Charred wood is a Japanese technique called Yakisugi; the charring acts as fireproofing and makes it resistant to insects.

More images at A1 Architects, found on Homedit

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