Bauwerk Colour Lime Paints


Contrary to the German sounding name Bauwerk Colour paints come from Western Australia. What is European about them is the tradition of using hydrated rock lime to provide natural adhesion to masonry surfaces (stone, render, brick, concrete, plasterboard, fibro-cement, etc). Although not suited to timber or metal, these paints are ideal where you have a mineral based surface that you need a durable finish to bond with. To the lime Bauwerk mix over 120 mostly earthen and mineral pigments (though some synthetic ones are used) to achieve a wide variety of colours. According to the company's website their paint is also free of glycol ethers, heavy metals, ozone-depleting substances, hydrocarbon solvent, toxic dispersal agents (alkylphenol ethoxylates or APEOs), any known or suspected carcinogenic substances (those that cause cancer) and they contain less than 1g/L of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Aside from these interior and exterior paints they also offer a line called Savon Noir (french for Black Soap). This is apparently made from the hulls of black olives and has an "ability to aid carbonisation in curing lime renders and to make them watertight", which makes it suitable for terracotta tiles and floors with absorbent surfaces. Plus they have a anti-graffiti surface treatment based on plant starch that when applied to stone, tiles, painted walls and metal is said to protect them from "penetration by oil and acrylic paints, inks and markers for up to five years." ::Bauwerk.

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