Bauhaus: 100% Solar, Electric Houseboat in Action

Bauhaus solar barge video photowalternostradamus/Video screen capture

From stunning wooden houseboats to a fishing vessel turned artists home, there's much to be said for life on the water. But what if that life could also be virtually free from fossil fuels —at least for home energy use and transportation?

When I wrote about the 100% energy-self sufficient Bauhaus barge it generated a lot of interest in the comments section.

From the all-electric Lynch motor, through the solar panels, to the funky design aesthetic, more than one reader seemed interested in a possible purchase. (Yes, the Bauhaus is for sale for around £110K or $175K.) Now the boat's creators have posted some new video of this beauty in action, with a soundtrack courtesy of—you guessed it—Bauhaus.


Bauhaus: 100% Solar, Electric Houseboat in Action
We've drooled over this solar-powered beauty before. But we've yet to see it in action, until now.

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