Bathing Beauty Barely Clad in Wood and Plastic

end of buildingGKS Architekten und Partner AG/via

Before I had to start getting up so early for TreeHugger I used to go down to Toronto's outer harbour and row, getting my scull off a rack in a leaking and rusty old quonset hut. What a joy it would be to show up at The Bathing Beach Seeburg project on Lake Lucerne in Switzerland. It is elegantly detailed out of wood and translucent plastic, and topped with a green roof.

rowing centerGKS Architekten und Partner AG/via

The architects write:

The Bathing Beach Seeburg project is located in Küssnacht am Rigi, Switzerland on Lake Lucerne. The new infrastructure develops continuously into a roofscape and at the same time protects its own identity with its independent shapes. The concise wooden construction connects the four parts under one roof. They are economically summarized into autonomous units and materialized specifically. The existing distinctive groups of trees are preserved and used in a park-like context.

plan of pavilionGKS Architekten und Partner AG/via

One can see in the plan view how the building squiggles through the trees and encloses the beach. It includes lockers, change area, a restaurant and the rowing club.

overallGKS Architekten und Partner AG/via

Andrew Michler at Inhabitat notes that the building "is carefully designed and crafted, giving the building an almost furniture-like quality."

More images at GKS Architekten; found on Inhabitat

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