Awesome House Rises 20 Feet into Trees in Brazilian Atlantic Forest

The house sits on the Brazilian Atlantic Forest in northern Sao Paulo, 20 ft. highGeorge Mills/Promo image

Located in the beach resort Sao Sebastiao (north of the state of Sao Paulo), Brazil, Casa nas arvores is architect George Mills’ dream summer house.

Completely integrated with the surrounding nature of the Atlantic Forest in which it sits, the house raises 20 feet high to interact with trees.

A view from the living room into the treesGeorge Mills/Promo image

The open surface that was left below allows plants to grow and animals to circulate freely, and the architect tells UOL that birds of all kinds are frequent visits on top, through, and below the house.

In the future, he might build a second story which would be located at about 10 feet from the ground.

Sleeping between the canopyGeorge Mills/Promo image

Casa nas arvores was built with concrete for cost and logistics reasons: all materials had to be brought through a bridge with low capacity, which made it impossible for a crane to arrive to mount an iron structure, and the architect couldn’t find good certified wood.

Mills says concrete is good for its low maintenance and because it absorbs heat and moisture more slowly.

Even the bathroom has a nice viewGeorge Mills/Promo image

Inside the home, which has of course tons of natural ventilation and lightning, some repurposed wood from demolition sites was used in floors, windows and furniture.

The sewage and water piping runs inside of the columns that hold the house, as well as the electric installations.

Another view of the house in the forest from the lower levelGeorge Mills/Promo image

Around 60% of the Brazilian population lives in urban areas located in the so-called Atlantic Forest, which this project sought to respect. “This little work functions as a call to the possibility of approaching the immense and exuberant biodiversity, which is absent in large metropolis today,” says the architect. More pics at UOL.

Awesome House Rises 20 Feet into Trees in Brazilian Atlantic Forest
With an open lower level that lets plants grow and animals circulate freely, architect George Mills' summer house is as dreamy as is gets.

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