At IIDEX: Green Concrete Counters from Concrete Elegance

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TreeHugger visits IIDEX, the International Interior Design Exhibition, an annual trade-only design show in Toronto.

"Green" and "concrete" are two words that I never thought I would use together, but Alla Linetsky convinced me. She mixes up a special blend that is 77% recycled, 92% local and 30% lighter. She significantly cuts the amount of cement that goes into the concrete (the manufacture of cement is responsible for 5% of the world's greenhouse gases). This stuff won't pass any tests for concrete used in construction, but you don't need a structural countertop.
Interview with Alla Linetsky

They also note on their website that " Our manufacturing process uses minimal energy and produces very little waste. And all our ingredients are VOC-free and safe for use in concrete vessels that hold drinking water."

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"Already our concrete can help a project attain six LEED credits. But our goals don’t end with LEED compliance – we are working to increase recycled and local content to over 95% without compromising strength, durability – and yes, beauty – of our concrete."::Concrete Elegance

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