At IIDEX: Donate your Denim

denim house photo

It seems like a contradiction in terms, but they are trying to build a "green" shopping mall in Waterloo, Ontario. The addition to the Conestoga Mall uses Bullfrog wind power, white roofing, solar panels and LED lighting. They are also running a denim drive to collect old jeans from "enviro-chic fashionistas" to collect 4,000 pairs, convert them into insulation and then install it in 8 homes to be built by Habitat for Humanity.

It really is more about image than substance; they have to ship the jeans to somewhere like Texas where Bonded Logic will shred them and turn them into their wonderful UltraTouch insulation and then ship it all the way back; If the contributors are such fashionistas then the jeans are probably worth more on the used clothing rack. But it's the thought that counts.

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