Architectural Sand Castles are Geometric Wonders

For some, building sand castles is a pleasure, for others an avocation. These ambitious and geometric structures are the fruits of Calvin Seibert's labours over the past 6 years.

Seibert has always been interested in architecture so the "buildings" reflect fantasy as well as real architects. Luckily he lives in New York, so he is close to beaches and has lots of choice.

Despite the lightness of sand as a material, the "castles" look like they are made out of concrete. It's not easy: he's been attacked by flies, waves and sunburn.

He favours grey days because the sand dries more slowly. Aside from the obvious skill and creativity, part of the allure is the contrast between the smooth, angular shapes and the rough sand and sea.

As he explains:

I have always made things with my hands and have always been interested in architecture so building castles on the beach came pretty naturally.

The architectural styles represent a range of periods (TreeHugger Lloyd, where are you?). He says of his influences:

Gottfried Bohm is a big one. I also like the early "organic" buildings by Aldo Rossi like the Casa del Potuale, Napoli. I think of set designer/architect Adolphe Appia and his use of shadows. The astronomical observatories in Jaipur. The Cathedral in Abidjan. As for Frank Gehry which everyone mentions I point to the Berlin Philharmonic hall by Hans Scharoun.

Architectural Sand Castles are Geometric Wonders
These sand "castles" are not your usual holiday beach creations.

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