Apple's giant new HQ under construction, caught by drone-mounted Go-pro

drone shot of apple
Video screen capture Screen capture

TreeHugger has been following the development of the new Foster-designed Apple headquarters since the beginning. It is all solar powered and oh so green, notwithstanding my concerns that it exemplifies the worst aspects of car-centered suburbia.

Now it is under construction, and the scale of it is really incomprehensible. Now an enterprising soul has fastened a Go-Pro camera on a drone. According to Dezeen, "Footage was sent live from the device to a pair of Carl Zeiss video goggles worn by JCMinn via a transmitter also produced by DJI, allowing him to see what was filmed as he controlled the drone."

All we are seeing at this stage is the excavation and the basement, which is basically a giant underground parking garage for the 10,500 cars that the employees are driving. I am surprised that Apple hasn't installed anti-drone protection; no doubt next week they will.

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