Another reason to not live in all-glass tall buildings: The landlord always wins

Burj Khalifa
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In most buildings in most countries, if an owner doesn't pay the operating costs, they get a lawsuit or a lien. In the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, everybody gets it as the developer actually threatens to shut off the air conditioning and the elevators. Gizmodo nails it:

Imagine, after paying tens of thousands of dollars in cash for a place to sleep inside the tallest, most luxe building on Earth, being forced to walk up the stairs. And that's not to mention the air conditioning issue; the Burj's windows don't open, and the intense gulf sun could turn the building into what basically amounts to a pressure cooker.

According to the National, most of the apartments between floors 19 and 1087 are renting from owners, who aren't paying the horrendous service fees, like $ 25,000 per year, almost equal to half the rent.

“It is unfair because this is not the tenants’ fault, they have paid their rent and it is not fair they suffer,” said MG, a landlord with more than 10 properties in the Burj for which all fees are paid. They (Emaar) need to find something that will affect the owners, that’s what they need to focus on.”

Of course, this is about the least resilient building in the world. Without AC and elevators, residents will cook in hours. A good demonstration of why you should live within climbing distance of the ground floor, have walls that might keep the heat out, and windows that open, especially if you are going to fight with your landlord.

Another reason to not live in all-glass tall buildings: The landlord always wins
The landlord and the tenants at the Burj Khalifa are having a fight, but the landlord controls the air conditioning and the elevators.

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