Abandoned Stable Becomes Luxury, Off-Grid Home

Abandoned Stable Becomes Luxury Off-Grid Home photoFair Companies/Video screen capture


I thought Fair Companies had already shown us the coolest houses on Earth when they filmed a Berkeley home built from salvaged car parts and an Ewok Village in the forests of Oregon.

But this luxury, off-grid home in Spain, converted from an abandoned stable, might just top them all.

abandoned stable home photoFair Companies/Video screen capture

Featuring a careful use of open space and ventilation, and literally a river that runs through the house, this is one of those buildings that really does seem to become a part of the landscape that surrounds it.

abandoned stable fountain photoFair Companies/Video screen capture

Entirely off-grid, Carlos Alonso and his sister Camino built this country home to use water from the mountain streams and electricity from a bank of solar panels. And because, as they explain, it is an old ranchers building, it is already situated for optimal sunlight that makes it ideal for passive solar energy efficiency. Once the day closes out and the sun sets, the massive shutters on the front of the building are closed to form a "second skin" that stores the heat inside until the morning.

abandoned stable shutters photoFair Companies/Video screen capture

Perhaps the coolest part of this whole structure though, is that it looks nothing like your typical city-slicker conversion of traditional farm buildings. From a distance it looks almost indistinguishable from traditional farm houses and barns of Extremadura. It's only when you get up close that you realize there's something a little special going on here.

abandoned stable photoFair Companies/Video screen capture

At some point you'd expect that Fair Companies will run out of unique, game changing structures to film. But in the meantime, I for one am delighted that these videos keep on coming.

Abandoned Stable Becomes Luxury, Off-Grid Home
What looks like an old barn in the hills of Extremadura, Spain, turns out to be a stunning, luxury and entirely off-grid home.

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