96 sq. ft. Tiny Home Built Inside an Old Sheep Barn

Tiny House sheep barn photoFair Companies/Video screen capture

From a 16-year-old in a DIY mortgage free home to a LEGO-style transformer apartment, Fair Companies have shown us some wonderfully inventive tiny homes.

Their latest episode shows off a home that is on the more rudimentary side—a simple 96-square-foot plywood structure built inside an old sheep barn by Loren Amelang, when he bought some land in California back in the 1960s. The structure itself may be as simple as simple can be, but it's Amelang's wistful reminiscences that are so worthy of note.

tiny house sheep barn structure photoFair Companies/Video screen capture

"I was wonderfully happy in my little 8x12 cabin out in the barn,"
he says. "I could heat it with a few logs, and everything was in reach of the bed."

In fact the primary reason he built the house he now lives in was, he claims, so he'd have some kind of structure to hang his solar panels off of.

tiny  house solar photoFair Companies/Video screen capture

Was anyone else relieved to see he doesn't now live in a McMansion? Be sure to follow @kirstendirksen and @faircompanies on twitter for more of the same.

96 sq. ft. Tiny Home Built Inside an Old Sheep Barn
When Loren Amelang bought some land in California back country, he spent many happy years living inside a tiny DIY structure inside a sheep barn.

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