The 7th room is being built at the Treehotel

treehotel 7th  room exterior
© Treehotel/ snohetta

The most popular post ever on TreeHugger was about the almost invisible mirrored tree house at Sweden’s Treehotel; Since then, six tree houses have been built by various talented architects. Now Snøhetta has designed the 7th room, the largest yet. Architect Jenny B Osuldsen tells Dezeen:

"There were already six rooms and they're all objects with such great personalities, and we were thinking how can we make a new room that would be something extra," said Osuldsen of the design. "We thought the most iconic thing is maybe the forest itself," she continued. "All the other projects are more or less suspended from the trees so we thought maybe we can make something that makes the forest more important and not the tree room that important."

deck with tree© Treehotel/ snohetta
According to the Treehotel site,

As you near the seventh room from below and look up at the sky, the entire underside of the building is covered by a life size photograph of the treetops as they looked before the room was put in place. This clever camouflage piques one’s curiosity. What is hiding up there? The room is located ten metres up in the pines.

The 592 square foot two bedroom unit wraps around a tree, with an outside deck that is actually made of netting, which might be challenging for some being thirty feet up in the air. The treehouse is fitted out with “organic solutions”, Scandinavian wood and and textiles. The exterior is covered with our favourite material, shou sugi ban, or charred cedar. But the real show happens outside:

As you reach the large, lush, Lapland treetops, with a breath taking view of the Lule River, you have arrived at your destination. Large panoramic windows face north and along with skylights in the bedrooms, they will allow guests to watch the magnificent northern lights.

Opening in January, 2017; more information at the Treehotel.

The 7th room is being built at the Treehotel
Snøhetta is the latest architect to try their hand at it.

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