400 Square Foot Loft Digs Down For Extra Space

Loft beds are wonderful for saving space, but you need high ceilings to make them work. Beriot, Bernardini Arquitectos renovated a ground floor apartment in Madrid and were able to create a loft by digging sixteen inches down, giving enough height to put a comfortable kitchen and teensy bath underneath. It makes a 400 square foot loft apartment feel a whole lot bigger.

I like the cantilevered stair treads, although the "Where's the handrail" crowd will complain. However only four risers have no guard, a height of 2'- 9", so maybe they will let this one go.

The key element of the project is a laminated wood panel structure which acts simultaneously as support for the mezzanine, kitchen worktop, and border table for the mezzanine area.

There is really a lot going on in such a small space; there is a tiny guest bedroom off the kitchen, that has a window into a little garden;

Off the sleeping loft, there is actually a walk-in closet and dressing room, with a window overlooking the garden. you don't see that in 400 square foot apartment very often. I wonder why they didn't put the bathroom here instead of making the occupant have to walk through the entire apartment if they have to get up in the night, although a dressing room is a great luxury.

Nice work by Beriot, Bernardini Arquitectos, who have done a lot of interesting stuff that I will be showing soon.

400 Square Foot Loft Digs Down For Extra Space
If you can't go up, why not go down?

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