3 tents and a shed create a beautiful, luxury home

Luxury tent living photo
Video screen capture Fair Companies

From the teenager who build a tiny house for a mortgage-free future through ewok villages in Oregon to a home built from salvaged car parts, one of the things I love most about Fair Companies' videos is that they celebrate natural building and the tiny house movement not as sacrifices, but as life enhancing choices that fit many peoples' lifestyles.

tent home photoFair Companies/Video screen capture

There can be few better examples than Glen Lajeski and Gerry Etcheverry, who bought property in Sonoma County, California. They erected three cheap tent cabins, initially as temporary dwellings while they decided where to build their permanent home. Low and behold, however, they discovered that they liked living most of their lives outdoors.

tent home photoFair Companies/Video screen capture

They put a composting toilet in an old shed. They created a stunning outdoor kitchen and seating area. And they went about living their lives.

True, this probably works better in Sonoma than it does in Minnesota. But it's a useful reminder that we can all take time to appreciate what we have, before we decide we need something more.

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