220 Story Sky City delayed, but 100 story baby brother going ahead

broadBroad Sustainable Buildings/Promo image

In November I wrote that the 220 Story Sky City was Close To Breaking Ground; It hasn't happened yet, as Broad Sustainable Buildings has run into approval delays. But that hasn't stopped them doing other, shorter projects like this 100 story tower announced for the city of Yinchuan.

According to China Economic Herald via the Next Big Future, this tower is 300,000 square meters, (3,229,000 square feet) and 420 meters tall (1345 feet) and will house offices, two hotels and high-end apartments.

Commenters keep asking why I am so obsessed with Broad Sustainable Building and follow their every move. The reason is that they have really applied the principles of mass production to building in a way that we haven't seen before, and are getting the kind of economies of scale that proponents of prefab only dreamed of. They are obsessed with repetition. Whether or not the buildings are 200 stories or not, the system is fascinating, uses a lot less materials and is extremely energy efficient. It's worth watching.

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