7 of the Greatest "Soldier Surprise" Videos of All Time

Photo: Mass.gov.

It goes without saying that anytime a soldier comes home safe and sound, it is a good day. When that return is a surprise, it generates a whirlwind of emotions -joy, relief, joy, shock, elation, and more joy. And when those emotions are captured on video, it makes for some real tearjerker footage. More than anything else, this is the stuff that reminds me just how much members of the military sacrifice each day to serve their country.

Missing proms and bedtime stories, family reunions and lost teeth, births and deaths, and sometimes everything in between. But when they do come home, all of the months and years melt away in the tears on their loved one's faces.

They are beautiful moments to watch and fantastic reminders of why it's so important to thank a soldier any chance you get.

Happy Veterans Day, soldiers. And thank you for your service.

(Be warned: you are going to want to grab those tissues before you watch these clips.)

1. Soldier surprises pregnant wife at radio station:

2. Soldier surprises 6 year old daughter at school:

3. Soldier surprises brother at a basketball game:

4. Soldier surprises her son at football game:

5. Soldier surprises twin daughters at a pep rally:

6. Soldier surprises daughter in class

7. Soldier surprises mom for her 60th birthday