7 Great Ways to Pull a Loose Tooth

Photo: antpkr.

This weekend, my eldest struggled with one of those tortuous loose teeth that refused to budge no matter which way she twisted it or how often she flicked it with her tongue. Ever the resourceful mother, I tried thinking of creative ways that she could use to pull it out, which of course got me thinking about the creative ways that other parents have tried to pull out their kids teeth.

Let's just say that the Internet did not disappoint.

And so, I bring you, seven epic videos of pulling out a kid's loose tooth. The next time your child has a wiggler, let them check these out and maybe even give one a try.

1. The Classic 'String Tied to a Door' Pull

2. The 'Big Sister (Behind the Wheel of a Car)' Pull

3. The Self-Inflicted Nerf Gun Pull

4. The 'Doggy Wants a Treat' Pull

5. The 'Big Brother (With a Ball and Bat)' Pull

6. The 'Dad's Remote Control Rocket' Pull

7. The 'Dirt Bike Stunt' Pull