30 Great Instagram Accounts for Dog Lovers

Martin Novak .

Instagram is the perfect place to get your daily fill of doggie goodness, mostly because you find everything there. There's every style of pet photography, from cute and cuddly canines, to the scenic traveler chasing epic views and posing their dog like a wild adventurer. There's dogs doing tricks and dogs napping, there's puppies and dare-devil dogs, there's every breed and mutt imaginable. It can actually be a little overwhelming! So to get you started, here is a list of recommended Instagram accounts to follow. Some feature individual dogs as the star of their photo stream, and some are curated collections of Instagram awesomeness.

Here they are in no particular order:

zeldazeld dog instagram account

1. Zelda

This adorable girl is an all-around great dog to follow. The feed features both outdoor fun and indoor studio set-ups with props and all. The photography is excellent, and you'll find yourself looking forward to your next dose of Zelda fluff.

dog instagram account _donald

2. Oliver

Oliver is one amazing vizsla. He and his human are constantly on one adventure after another. If you want to get your fix of outdoor beauty with a gorgeous vizsla plunked in the middle, then you want to follow this stream.

bestofpack dog instagram account

Pack is an online community of dog owners, swapping photos of their four-legged BFFs. Many of the folks on Pack are also Instagram enthusiasts so it makes sense that Pack would have a Best of Pack Instagram account where they feature photos from the Editor's Pick. It's a great way to see great photos of diverse dogs as well as learn about new accounts to follow.

evys_mom dog instagram account

4. Cricket

Anyone who loves gorgeous photos of an expressive, active dog will love Cricket's account. Creative, cute, rich in color and warmth, and so much scenic goodness with a border collie built in. You can't ask for more, especially if you love herding breeds.

andrew_ican't dog instagram account

5. Andrew

Andrew might be a dog, or he might be a tiny living teddy bear. Not 100 percent sure. What is certain is that this Instagram account is cute-overload. If you don't like making involuntary squee noises, do not follow.

dog instagram account andrewknapp

6. Momo

Yes, that Momo. Momo of Find Momo fame. Everyone loves Andrew Knapp's photos of his dog Momo hiding in plain sight. It's like Where's Waldo but way more fun and way more cute. Both human and dog are full of personality and fun, and this account is at once entertainment and inspirational photography.

dogsofinstagram dog instagram account

Basically thee curated account for dogs across Instagram. You'll find so much wonderful stuff here, and even better, it's a fantastic way to find more dog-centric Instagram accounts to follow.

dog instagram account artisticvoid

This collection of cuties is extra precious because we also get to watch a puppy grow up through photos. The then-and-now comparison shots stand out like fun highlights from an already entertaining account. It's perfect for people who like dachshunds too, of course.

ginny_jrt dog instagram account

9. Ginny

Ginny really doesn't need an introduction -- I mean, it's Ginny the bacon-noshing-cute-nap-taking-mud-puddle-jumping super hero dog. If you're someone who likes having a laugh and a smile every day, you'll want to follow Ginny. She's cute on her own but the captions, oh, the captions stick the landing.

auggnitious dog instagram account

10. Auggie

Always good for a laugh, Auggie is a real character. His human has a knack for capturing him at the peak of personality in a photo, whether that's goofball, trouble-maker, or regal outdoorsy wonder-mutt.

skylerandsabrina dog instagram account

This pair of pitbulls and the cat who cuddles them have been featured on MNN before. And yes, they're that cute. Beautiful photos tell the cuddly story of these adopted animals, and their photographer is an advocate for animal rescue. Be inspired and get a side of awww daily.

barkbox dog instagram account

12. BarkBox

BarkBox is a company that delivers a box of surprise goodies to your dog on a monthly basis. The boxes are popular, but so too is the company's Instagram stream. They feature photos of the many subscribers to BarkBox as well as other adorable dogs from around Instagram. A great account for people who like a diversity of dog photography.

cayenneiam dog instagram account

13. Cayenne

Some serious Australian shepherd goodness. A beautiful dog and beautiful photos mean you'll get some sigh-worthy photos in your stream. City, country, running, posing ... it's all here.

doghikers dog instagram account

For those who love to see dogs being outside and active, this is the perfect stream. Featuring photos of dogs, you guessed it, hiking! Lots of great scenery and happy dog faces from this account.

dogumantry dog instagram account

15. Sonny Ray

Pit bull advocacy FTW. This goofy guy has become an advocate for bully breeds everywhere, helping to end the unfair judgment of a dog based solely on breed. Through ridiculously cute photos, often complete with his trademark shades, Sonny Ray is a ray of sun for those who love bully breeds.

fetchingimages dog instagram account

Professional dog photographer. Need I say more? There is so much goodness coming from this account that you'll just have to take my word for it and go follow. You'll love what you see.

graciethelabrador dog instagram account

17. Gracie

For the love of Labradors! Gracie is the epitome of sweetheart. Her photos will melt your heart with that classic Labrador brown-eyed gaze.

humative dog instagram account

18. Haru

Really fun photos and really really fun videos. The adventures of Haru is a must-not-miss on Instagram. Plus there's some seriously beautiful scenery. So if you love landscapes and you love dogs, you've hit on the perfect account to follow.

ichaity dog instagram account

19. Riley

Superb minimalist dog photography, featuring the sweet-faced Riley, plus plenty of smart dog advocacy campaigns mix in with the gallery-ready images.

jaymiheimbuch instagram

20. Niner

Yep, I totally just added my dog to this list. You might already find him familiar. His balancing acts have been featured on MNN before, and he's been the model for quite a few articles here including rainy day dog games, improving your dog walks, life-saving dog tricks, creating agility courses, how to hike with a dog, how to camp with a dog, and of course, how to photograph a dog. So, you just might want to follow Niner's adventures as well!

johnstortz dog instagram account

21. Wolfgang

Some photographers are simply a perfect match for Instagram. Whether you like dogs or not, the photography from this account will lure you in, and then there's that big white beauty of Wolfgang making the views all the more epic.


Agility, stunt-dog goodness, some goofy antics, and plenty of bearded collie hair styles. This account is perfect for herding breed enthusiasts, especially if you like your herders with a side of punk rock attitude and some serious skill on city streets.

lifewithleroy dog instagram account

23. Leroy

A tiny, fluffy bit of tan cuteness to brighten up any scene, from San Francisco streets to Tahoe shorelines and beyond. The scruffy fur and floppy ears are enough to gain followers, but an artistic eye by Leroy's photographer brings out the charm that goes beyond just his good looks.

muttadventures dog instagram account

You may recognize this trio, since they were featured on MNN in the past. In sizes medium, medium-er and large, the three come up with some adorable poses, cuddling cuteness, and their photographer human has a knack for capturing the humor in their photo sessions together. Art and laughter collide with this Instagram account.

bordernerd dog instagram account

This is more about getting a laugh and finding joy in the antics of dogs, than about just looking at cute dog photos. There is just something about the way the expressions, postures, and personalities are captured by Jazzy and Cooper's photographer -- you can't help but smile every time an image pops in your photo feed.

the_labs dog instagram account

While this stream features several furry family members, Willow the black shepherd mix is the most dominant player, especially in scenes of the hiking excursions she takes with her photographer every day. Her wolfy look and the beautiful landscapes make this a beautiful account to follow, with extra joy sprinkled in from the other lovely family members featured as well.

nalu_bear dog instagram account

If you love heelers, you'll love this cattle dog-centered stream. With a pack four strong, Nalu isn't the only dog featured, even though the stream is named after him. At home in Santa Cruz, California, you'll see these lovely pups in both beach scenes and hiking in redwoods. Plus a whole lot of puppy cuddling.


28. Otis

A Boston terrier in ties and hoodies, with toys and treats, and just being plain adorable. Otis is one of those squishably cute dogs, who is perfect for the poses and props his photographer puts him in for great Instagram photos. Simple, and oh so fun.

twopinktoes dog instagram account

Super happy, super active dogs in gorgeous scenery. Basically, photos of dogs living how all dogs want to live.

whiskey_theaussie dog instagram account

30. Whiskey

Oh Whiskey. This dog is a brown and white ball of joy, and his photographer makes being part of his life look so much to be part of. Luckily, the whole of Instagram gets to witness the romps through snow and woods, the Frisbee catching, and strolls through rustic landscapes.