Grand Funeral for a Tree to Be Held in NYC

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Actor Matthew Morrison will preside over services for the felled “Will O. Baum,” in what promises to be quite a celebration, complete with gospel choirs, poetry, music, & more.

The obituary tells of the death of a mighty tree. Will O. (Will-O) Baum, 100, who passed away on April 1, 2019 at his home in Brooklyn after a life of service.

“In his spare time, he liked to feed the birds, photosynthesize and sunbathe with his best friend Marvin. ‘Will-O loved helping kids reach new heights and see new perspectives. He also pined for the changing of the seasons... except for winter. Christmas always freaked him out.’ According to friends, Mr. Baum tirelessly spent his entire life fighting against deforestation and was saddened by the state of the environment.”

Tragically, Will. O’s life was cut down too soon – a fate that befalls all too many of his arboreal associates. While the planet is home to more than 3 trillion trees – without which humans would struggle to survive – we cut down 15 billion of them each year. Since the beginning of human civilization, the number of trees on Earth has fallen by 46 percent. Yay, humans.

“Will O. was cut down in the prime of his life. He was at times stoic, firmly rooted when he stood his ground – but his bark was always worse than his bite. Will O. will be sorely missed,” said his family and friends.

funeral for a tree

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To celebrate his life – and the lives of all the trees – actor Matthew Morrison (Glee, Hairspray, Finding Neverland) will serve as the Tree Minister, hosting the event which is being billed as one of the most inspiring environmental events of the year. Mourners will be treated to gospel choirs, poetry, music, sermons, and an immersive forest experience. Naturally, it will be a zero-waste event and attendees are being asked to bring their own drinking bottle or cup.

The service will be held at Manhattan's Judson Church at 55 Washington Square S on April 25th, 2019 at 6pm.

Tickets can be purchased here; 100 percent of ticket price will go to