Graham Hill's Full-Size, Fold-Flat Thin Bike

Thin Bike photo
Video screen capture. Fair Companies

Fair Companies/Video screen capture

Warren posted about TreeHugger founder Graham Hill's foldable, full-size Thin Bike before. It was all part of Graham's Life Edited project exploring how less stuff leads to more freedom.

Now Fair Companies—the folks who have brought us video on everything from Ewok Villages in Oregon to electric bike RVs—have released a new video in which Graham explains the thinking behind the Thin Bike.

thin bike wall photo

Fair Companies/Video screen capture

Basically consisting of a lightweight, full-size bike frame with foldable pedals and a quick release, fold-flat handlebar mechanism, none of this is exactly rocket science. It's just a clever approach to identifying and reducing the sticking points that make regular bikes harder to carry and more of a pain in the ass to store. (For a retrofit system for installing foldable handlebars, check out the Flipphandle.)

thin bike carbon drive photo

Fair Companies/Video screen capture

The addition of a grease-free carbon drive is also a nice touch given that the bike is designed for carrying up and down stairs and on mass transit. After all, I hear these trendy urbanites don't like to get too dirty.

All-in-all a nice bike from our esteemed founder, and another great video from Fair Companies. Check out @kirstendirksen and @faircompanies for more great videos, and while you are at it, why not follow Graham Hill and find out what he's cooking up next too?