Got a Problem? This Rent-A-Mom Can Help

Moms help you, and even if you're too old to rely on your own mom, you can rent one. (Photo: jesadaphorn/Shutterstock)

You know how sometimes you just need your mom? You need someone to meet you for lunch and listen to your tales of woe or sew that button back onto your favorite sweater. But what if your mom lives too far away or comes with too much emotional baggage? Enter Nina Keneally, a rent-a-mom offering up motherly love for a mere $40 per hour.

Keneally, a 63-year-old mom of two 20-something sons, realized she was onto something when she moved from Connecticut to Brooklyn, New York a few years ago. She met lots of millennials who seemed to need advice, help with their resumes, or just a shoulder to cry on — all things that a mom would do for them. So she decided to offer her services.

For a small fee, Keneally will iron your shirts, take a walk with you, watch a movie with you (she'll bring the popcorn!) or help you figure out your life goals. She'll even darn your socks or help you clean out your closets (but she won't clean them for you ... after all, she's not your maid!) She'll buy gifts for your friends and family and even wrap them for you. And if you're sick, she'll deliver a pot of chicken noodle soup to your door.

Keneally has a background in counseling, but she's quick to point out that she's not a therapist. She's happy to listen to a client's problems, and if requested she can offer non-judgmental advice. But if someone needs real help, she'll point them in the direction of a doctor or specialist.

Since launching her business — aptly titled NeedAMom — a few weeks ago, Keneally has been besieged with inquiries from young adults. She's taking one client to his colonoscopy appointment and sitting with another while she cleans out her closet. She thinks her service is catching on because there are so many young people who have moved to New York City to make a living — and far away from their own mothers. She also thinks it's helpful that she can provide non-judgmental advice without comparing a client to siblings or bringing up any old emotional issues.

"It's the mother without the baggage," Keneally, told "Today." "Empathy and listening to people comes to me naturally, and I really enjoy young adults."

But there are two things Keneally won't do: laundry or babysitting. You'll have to bug your real mom for that.