Gorgeous iPhone Game Plants Trees for Top Scores

dreamscape app image

Migrated Image via video screengrab

Want to play a very whimsical game on your iPhone and know that a real tree was planted not only when you bought it but also every time you get a high score? A new game in the iTunes store promises to plant a tree for each download, and even better, the developers are planting 10 trees a day on behalf of the top scorers. Not bad for an excuse source of motivation to spend hours messing on your iPhone. Plus, the game is really pretty. Check out a video of it after the jump. Through a partnership with Trees for the Future, the $4.99 DreamScape app promises that a tree is planted every time an app is downloaded. On top of that, the developers plant 10 trees for the top scorers worldwide every day.

The game has nothing to do with actually planting or caring for trees, as with the iPhorest app and several others. Instead, you're zipping around earth and outer space trying to line up different bubble combinations. Here's a sample:

It'd be interesting to know if the tree planted every time you earn a high score will offset the carbon emissions caused by burning up juice while playing. Still, the more trees, the better, especially if you're an iPhone game junkie anyway. In fact, that's exactly the developers' stance. They state, " Barefoot Explorers realizes that people - adults and kids alike - are going to play games anyway, so why not help them help the environment at the same time."

Ultimately, Barefoot Explorers, the developers of the game, hope to plant 1 million trees for gamers.