Glass Doors Are No Match for Rogue Goat

This is one bad goat.

Seemingly egged on by its goat buddies (they can briefly be seen in the background in the video) or perhaps its own reflection in the glass door, the unidentified goat rammed both glass doors for the Louisville, Colorado, office of Argonics Inc.

When the general manager for the office of this polyurethane manufacturer arrived at work on July 17, he found the destruction the goat had left behind. The police were summoned, and as they were taking pictures and dusting for fingerprints the manager checked the security video and discovered it wasn't fingerprints they should be looking for at all. (But can you dust for hoofprints?)

"At first they thought (the general manager) said ghosts did it, and they thought he was a crazy person," Argonics employee Greg Cappaert said to the Daily Camera. "But then he said, 'No, it was goats. You can come watch the video.' Everybody had a good chuckle over it."

No word yet on the whereabouts of the goat and its merry gang. They remain at large.